• KOBA provide various solution to the customers for the shock absorption,
    anti vibration and rate control by advanced technology and accumulated experience.

    We design, manufacture and supply Shock Absorbers, Hydraulic Buffers, Viscoelastic Buffers,
    Hydro-Check, Rate Controls, Gas Spring and Special Dampers to the various industrial fields in domestic
    and overseas with constant research and development and reliable quality assurance
    system : aerospace, defense, port facilities, ship-building, heavy industries,
    factory automation, railway, steel industries , etc.

    We have also adopted the “providing custom Products (customization)” system to design and
    manufacture non standardized products to meet the various needs of customers.
    KOBA promises the best service to satisfy customer’s requirements with high quality and
    fast delivery in pursuit of our vision to be the world best manufacturer in
    this business field through constant effort.

    Thank you.